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Panoramic X-Ray Graphy

Using imaging methods in diagnosing, treatment planning and following-up of the treatment regarding oral and dental health shall enhance and upgrade the rate of success. To this purpose, two-dimensional image providing radiographies as well as three-dimensional image providing tomographies could possibly be used.

In Which Areas Could Panoramix X-Ray Graphy Be Used?

  • In detecting decays,
  • Prior to and in the course of canal treatment,
  • In cases with advanced gum diseases, in detecting bone damage
  • In planning stage of implant treatment and while monitoring such treatment,
  • In case of joint disorders,
  • In suspicion of cysts and tumors regarding the teeth and bones,
  • Prior to any surgical operations, specifying the position of any embedded teeth,
  • In orthodontic treatment, determining the relationship between the chins as well as intra-teeth and specifying the treatment method,
  • Following-up of saliva gland diseases,
  • Monitoring dental development and growth of children,
  • When bone and chin breakages are suspected, e-ray graphy should be taken.

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